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Tropical Style Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

How to design a tropical kitchen in Canada?

Choose a spacious and airy space with plenty of natural light to build a tropical kitchen in your home in Canada. Don’t select a room in the middle of the building. A space in the western corner of the building is more suited for the kitchens. Western corner of the tropical homes are rarely used to design a bedroom or parlour. This space tends to get very hot in the afternoon. But designing a kitchen in this space does not pose any problem as the space is occupied in the early part of the morning or late in the evening.

Tropical kitchens are designed with a larder. Sometimes the two spaces are separated with a faux partition or lattice walls. You may choose this option if your kitchen happens to be a spacious one. Design a bright and cheerful kitchen. Keep the space properly illuminated in the evening. This makes your work easier and safer. Besides, a brightly lit up room looks more comfortable. Install large French windows to allow proper ventilation.

You may consider designing the kitchen with a separate terrace or balcony. Kitchens that are designed following open plan architecture would gain extra benefits from this added space. You will be able to design a small entertainment area outdoors just adjacent to your kitchen and enjoy occasional outdoor dinner parties with your guests. If you have a small kitchen garden on the backyard of your home, then design a direct access from your kitchen to your fruit and vegetable garden.

Decorate the interior of your tropical kitchen with aromatic herbs like peppermint, basil, thyme and sage. They will keep the interior atmosphere fresh and fragrant and will save your kitchen from the attacks of common house pests. On top that, you will have the opportunity of serving deliciously prepared aromatic dishes to your family members and friends at will.

Which materials should I opt for my tropical kitchen?

The basic structure of the tropical kitchens of the present time is nearly always made of brick. It is readily available and affordable. Brick structures are also durable and can be fashioned in your preferred style. You may use wood to design a luxurious tropical style kitchen. Wood can be utilised to clad the walls, design the flooring and decorate the walls. The owners of tropical kitchens also use wood to build the doors and windows and design the furniture.

Wood types like teak, mahogany, oak, ipe, hickory, heartwood, ebony and rosewood are generally used in the interior of tropical kitchens. These timber types are extremely durable and have a striking appearance. They will help you design a warm, elegant and functional space in your home. Bamboo is frequently used in the interior of vernacular tropical houses. You may install bamboo framed doors and windows in your kitchen. Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and cost effective.

Don’t forget to consider using stone in the interiors of your tropical kitchen. Stone tiles made of granite, marble, sandstone or limestone can help you design a gorgeous space. Stone is a very durable material and it has unique colours and textures. Being water resistant, stone proves itself to be a great choice for kitchens. To give this space a graceful feel, design the backsplash with matching stone tiles, mosaic or shells.

You may also consider mixing and matching different types of materials like using wood to create the cabinets and stone to design the worktops. Utilise wood panels to decorate the walls. Similarly, you may deck up the feature wall and the backsplash with stones and design the rest of the space with wood or bamboo. Designing wood flooring inside a brick structure is also possible. To check out some more innovative ideas of decorating a kitchen in tropical style, have a talk with one of the reputed kitchen planners on homify. You may also seek references about kitchen planners and interior stylists from your friends who have finished renovating their kitchen in the recent time.

What furniture should I buy for a tropical kitchen?

Choose right type of cabinets for kitchen. Buy built in cabinets for a cleaner and more efficient kitchen interior. This will resolve your storage related concerns. Wooden cabinets look best in a tropical setting. You may buy wooden cabinets with hardware having copper or bronze finishes. Opt for wood or stone countertops. You may invest in sandstone, onyx, slate, granite or marble countertops. Granite and marble are two of hardiest stone types and would help you design a very durable kitchen table. Choose polished stone tiles for the countertops, but honed stone tiles for the flooring. This will skid proof the flooring and make it safer for the users.

Avoid buying cabinets made of galvanised steel, aluminium or uPVC. They simply look out of place in a traditional tropical kitchen. Utilise the empty spaces on the walls by installing cabinets or shelving systems. Buy framed cabinet doors. Frameless ones are more suited to the contemporary kitchens. Make a small banquette seating arrangement near the windows. You may design a dining booth in the middle of the room or adjacent to the kitchen island as well. Choose wooden chairs and tables. Upholstered benches would also look good in a space like this. Opt for cotton or leather upholstery.