Kitchen-units: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How to install kitchen units?

A stylish home needs a kitchen that is tastefully designed and well organised. Right kind of kitchen cabinets help you maintain an organised and clutter free interior environment. To buy suitable kitchen cabinets and install them in their proper place you may seek help from an experienced kitchen planner. This way you will be able to make an optimal use of the available space. Experienced designers will also suggest you ways to stay within your budget.

However, this is a task many homeowners prefer to do themselves. If you too wish to go the DIY way, then use the following steps as your guide:

- For this task you will need modular cabinets, ledger board, blockings, clamps and screws. Keep a pencil, screw gun, level and measuring tape handy. 

- Use your measuring tape to calculate the height of the base units. Prefabricated base units have a height of around 34 inches. Add another two inches to the actual height of the base units and mark it on the wall. 

- Then add a backsplash of at least 20 inches and draw a horizontal line on the wall. This added space is for your small electrical appliances which you will place on your countertop. 

- You may like to temporarily remove the cabinet doors and the hardware. This will make them lighter and easily manageable. 

- With the help of some screws, attach the ledger board on the walls. 

- Use clamps to fix the wall units on the board. 

- Put the doors and hardware back in their places. 

- You may place your base units in their actual position and mark the level of the top most shelves. 

- Then remove the units and attach the frame in line with the horizontal mark. 

- Attach the units with their frames with screws. 

- To install the island, mark out the required floor space. Install blockings and place the island on these blockings. 

- You may need fillers to hold the wall units and the island in their places. 

- Once the bases are installed, fix the countertop in their places.

What are the different materials and prices for cabinets?

You may choose cabinets and countertops made of any one of the following materials:

Wood – Wooden cabinets and countertops are especially favoured for their durability. Wooden cabinets are sustainable. They go well both with the classical and contemporary kitchen design. The colour and texture of wood varies greatly from one type of wood species to another. Cabinets made of maple, cherry, oak, alder, birch, pecan, hickory and walnut are preferred for the Canadian homes. They are easily available in the local market, are long lasting and boast of unique charm. Hardwood cabinets cost around $250 CAD per square foot.

You may also buy cabinets made of thermofoil, vinyl or engineered wood. Laminated cabinets are very popular in the country as well. These alternatives are water resistant, easy to maintain, far cheaper than wood and are reasonably durable. But thermofoil cabinets are not resistant to heat. So you will have to install additional thermofoil protectors to protect your cabinets from heat related damages.

Laminated cabinets and countertops are prone to chipping. This cannot be remedied easily. So you may need to replace the entire laminated surface if you wish to get rid of the ugly and broken parts of the cabinet. Engineered wood is strong and not prone to chipping. But it fails to match the natural beauty of hardwood. While engineered wood cabinets cost around $75 CAD per square foot, laminated cabinets are available in less than $50 CAD square foot.

Stone – Stone is a favoured material for the countertops. They are extremely durable and an excellent choice for stylishly design homes. Polished stone tops are very easy to maintain. But stone tops are heavy. So you need to build strong base units to bear the additional load. Among the great variety of stone countertops, you may opt for granite, quartz, sandstone, slate and marble tops.

Granite and marble tops are more durable than the other options. Quality countertops made of granite or marble would cost you between $150 CAD and $250 CAD per square foot. High quality quartz tops are available between $75 CAD and $125 CAD per square foot.

Aluminium – Aluminium cabinets and countertops are ideal for contemporary kitchens. They are affordable and easy to clean. Sometimes, for building cabinets, aluminium is along with wood. Aluminium kitchen cabinets cost between $60 CAD and $90 CAD per square foot.

What kind of kitchen units should I use in my small kitchen?

To maximise the availability of space you may use some of the tips and tricks mentioned below. Don’t hesitate to take inspirations from the massive range of small kitchen ideas on homify.

Built-in kitchens are the best option for small houses and studio apartments. 

- Install floating cabinets. Make optimal use of the space on the wall. 

- Opt for custom made cabinets that perfectly fits in the given space. 

- Install cabinets made of wood, aluminium or acrylic. They tend to make this space feel chic and uncluttered. 

- Retain the natural tone and texture of wood or give your cabinets a white coat of paint. Don’t forget to use a bright accent colour in the interior of the shelves. It will create a sense of drama and will divert the viewer’s attention from the space constraints. 

- When possible, follow open plan architecture. Merging your kitchen with the dining room and living room will create an illusion of space. Your interior will look breezier and more cheerful.