Living room: design ideas & pictures

 When it comes to living room design, there are no set-in-stone rules. These spaces can be an expression of personality, character and style, whether your choice  is simple and minimalist, modern , eclectic or even rustic and vintage-inspired. Whether you are considering a renovation or moving into a brand new home, it’s all about making smart choices that will remain in fashion for a few decades. Do you need a plush lounge or a family-friendly hangout? Begin your journey by browsing through the ideas on homify or get a bit of advice from a talented an interior designer with our free consultation.

What living room layout is best for me? 

To design a living room that is inviting, pick a layout and floor plan that works for your space, not against it. The right mix allows you to entertain, relax with family, or kick back with a bowl of popcorn and binge on Netflix. The three elements to keep in mind as you plan the space: traffic flow, a focal point and conversation areas.  The rule of thumb to follow: keep at least 15-18 inches between any upholstered items and your coffee table.

Long Living Rooms: A long or rectangular-shaped living room can feel narrow and claustrophobic but with a bit of planning, it can be welcoming and functional. Using narrow furniture will just emphasize the long lines of the room, so pick an upholstered couch. Use smaller furniture and a variety of them, instead of just one sofa and a coffee table, to help create cozy areas with their own ambience.

Square Living Rooms: This shape often end up with all the furniture pushed up against the wall, creating a cavernous space that no one likes. Don’t cramp it in one corner either, instead, position the furniture away from the walls.   

Open Living Rooms: Open-plan living rooms are the standard in homes these days because they allow for easy entertaining and good traffic flow. But sharing a space with an adjoining dining room, rec room or kitchen can be challenge for those who prefer each area defined. To create an efficient layout, keep the flow around furniture and accessories. Use furniture or shelving to demarcate zones.

How do I choose colours for my living room? 

While you can never go wrong with neutral and pastel shades for a living room, there is a fine line between refined and boring. Picking the best neutral paint colour is a matter of preference. Warm shades (beige, pewter) are cozy and alluring while hues with cool undertones create a more modern vibe. 

Selecting a variety of white hues will allow you to feature your favourite art work or a designer couch. But don’t be scared of colour. If your flooring and fabrics are neutral, a colourful hue can add dimension and drama to the space. Whether you are starting from scratch in a new house or renovating, interior designers have a few tips that will help you pick the right hue

 - Select a colour scheme from the largest pattern in the space. It could be artwork, your vintage couch, a Persian carpet. It will set the tone of the room. 

- Decorate, vertically, from dark to light. 

- Consult a colour wheel. 

- Contrast warm and cool. 

- Don’t forget to a bit of black. 

- Showcase your personal style.   

Should I choose wood or carpet for living room flooring? 

If you have carpeting covering up your hardwood floors, consider ripping it up before selling your house. In Canada, that’s what most buyers want. If you don’t have wood floors, installing them might be a smart move before putting your home on market. 

If you prefer the feel of carpet under feet, make sure it is practical and durable. The best fibre mix is 80 per cent wool to 20 per cent nylon or polypropylene. Flooring experts in Canada suggest you budget  $5 per square foot for mid-grade carpeting.  

For wood floors, your budget will likely determine where you pick solid and engineered wood. Both give a natural look and add warmth. In Canada, hardwood, engineered wood and bamboo are similarly priced, at around $4 to $6 a square foot, and $2 installation per square foot.     

What are the styling tricks for a small living room?  

If you live in a condo or townhouse, you are probably wondering how to make your living room go from a tight squeeze to a cool, cozy hangout. Use bright colours and art to add interest to the space but limit your palette to two or three hues so you don’t overwhelm the space. It’s a given - avoid bulky furniture. Opt for pieces that are multipurpose. Use big mirrors to create an illusion of space or white to brighten it up. To draw the eye upward and create the illusion of height, hang curtains from the ceiling rather than directly above windows.