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How to design a Mediterranean living room?

An inspiring living room décor creates an instant impression in the minds of those who come to visit your home. Your guests feel comfortable and at ease. It reveals a lot about the beauty of the interiors and your personal tastes. Mediterranean living room designs tend to be warm and relaxing. By following the Mediterranean style of décor you will easily be able to create a very sophisticated living room with very simple items of décor.

Choose natural and eco-friendly materials with an earthly tone to decorate the interior of the living room. You may opt for curved designs and build arches over the windows and doors. But don’t make it too ostentatious. The décor should be simple enough to charm, not to overwhelm. In case you are not too sure about the techniques of achieving such a fine balance, you may consider discussing your options with one of the experienced interior designers on homify.

Be assured, it is not so difficult to decorate a Mediterranean home with a simple yet elegant stylise. Use architectural features of the room like the vaulted ceiling, wooden beams and columns to stylise the room. .Don’t hide them behind concrete ceilings or furniture. Install large wooden windows in the room. This will allow sunlight to flow in the room and make it cheerful. Mediterranean living rooms are almost always built adjacent to a spacious patio. So make use of the terrace or balcony which lies next to your living room. Decorate a stylish outdoor living area in this space. In time, it will be one of the most desirable spaces of the house to sit down and relax.

What furniture should I choose for my Mediterranean living room?

Buy furniture that boast a traditional design. Wooden furniture is most appreciated in a Mediterranean living room. However, you may buy wooden furniture with wrought iron designs. Classical furniture with filigree design also looks graceful in a Mediterranean room. Avoid buying sectional sofas for this room. You may, however, place divan in this space. Decorate the room with comfortable two or three seater sofas and armchairs. Depending on the dimensions of the room and your requirements, you may experiment with the layout.

Consider placing a three seater sofa in the middle of the room and two arm chairs in either side of the sofa. If you have the habit of frequently hosting small parties in this room, then two large sofas placed face to face will be helpful. You may also have a couple of traditional ottomans in this room. Choose a low wooden coffee table or convert one of your older trunks into a storage table. Decorate the top of the table with small glass vases and metallic art objects.

Buy a display cabinet with built in tv shelf. Wooden cabinets look best in this space. You may also install floating tv cabinets to make the optimal use of the available space. Don’t forget to have a few potted plants in this area. They immediately improve the beauty of the interiors. They also have a positive effect on the interior atmosphere. If you have opted for sun loving flowers like orange blossoms, citrus, lavender etc then place them close to the windows.

Install wrought iron lighting fixtures in this space. Some of the other options include lighting fixtures with bronze or copper finishes. But don’t go for fixtures that are extremely shiny. You may install pendants and wall sconces to illuminate the entire room. Simple table lamps should be placed on the corner tables and on the display cabinet. Try not to cover the windows with heavy curtains. Buy curtains made of lightweight silk, cotton or taffeta or opt for Roman blinds for your windows.

Which colour schemes are best for a Mediterranean living room in Canada?

Choose a colour palette dominated by shades of citrus yellow, amber, beige or buff. Earthly brown accentuated by golden yellow, saffron, copper or tangerine also looks great in a Mediterranean room. You may also combine shades of blue and white and invoke the essence of the Aegean Sea in the ambience. Think of varying between the darker and lighter shades of the same colour like brown. Choose darker shades for the feature wall or ceiling. Cover the rest of the walls with a pale shade of the same group. To introduce a dash of spice, choose colourful decorative objects and area rugs.

What materials are required to build a Mediterranean style living room?

Decorate the interior of the room with materials like solid wood, stone, terracotta and brick. Natural wood can be used to build the flooring. You may install wooden panels on the walls as well as on the ceiling. Choose quality timber like oak, mahogany, maple, cherrywood, chestnut or walnut to build the flooring and the wall panels. Consider using sun-dried bricks along with mortar to build the walls. You may use bricks to build the flooring as well.

Stone and terracotta look elegant in a room decorated in Mediterranean style. Materials like marble and sandstone can be used to design the flooring and decorating the feature wall. The natural beauty and texture of stone will help you design a very chic interior. Tiles are essential to the Mediterranean buildings. The gable roofing system of these houses is often covered with terracotta tiles. You may use tiles to deck up the interiors as well. Choose colourful ceramic, terracotta or porcelain tiles to design stylish flooring and walls for your living room. The cost of decorating a Mediterranean living room is at par with living room designs in other styles. Expect to pay at least $200 CAD per square foot for designing a Mediterranean style living room.