Modern living room: ideas, inspiration & pictures

How to plan a modern living room décor in Canada?

Modern living rooms are hailed for their understated décor. Classical living room décor is defined by the presence of gilded furniture, elaborately stylised lighting fixtures, heavy curtains and use of gold tones. Modern design, on the other hand, prefers following the exact opposite scheme of décor.  The interior of a modern living room is inspired by the designs of Eero Saarinen, Louis Kahn, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Frank Lloyd Wright. While planning the interior of a modern living room you will have to be careful about choosing the right furniture, colour scheme and decorative feature.

Modern design has a preference for neutral colours and subtle patterns. You may use a bright tone, but use it only as an accent colour and restrict its usage. Choose furniture and decorative objects that have a clear geometric form. Try to have more white space in the room. In other words, design an uncluttered space.

You may follow open plan architecture and integrate your dining room and kitchen with your living room. Bringing down the walls will help you design a breezier and more spacious entertainment area. You will also be able to entertain your guests even when busy in the kitchen. Choose a layout which seems comfortable and stylish. Install floating cabinets to maximise the storage space. Spread a plush area rug in the middle of the room. Choose monochromatic rugs or go for geometric motifs. Rugs will keep the interior warm during the harsh winter months and improve the acoustics of your home.

What are the must-have pieces of furniture in a modern living room?

Before you start planning for the decoration of the living room, make sure to choose furniture depending on the size of the room. Use a measuring tape to exactly measure the available space. You may even draw a few sketches of the room before actually proceeding to decorate the space. This way you will avoid the hassles of a wrong purchase. Take advice of an experienced interior designer if in doubt.

It is difficult to imagine a stylish living room without a modish sofa. You may opt for sleek two or three seater sofas, loveseats, sectional sofas and Futons. Both two seater sofas and loveseats are ideal for small living rooms. Sectional sofas have a flexible design and can be easily tucked in the corners of a room. Futons are very useful for the small homes, rented accommodations and guest apartments. When in need, you may use Futons as beds.

Don’t forget to buy a couple of upholstered armchairs to complement the sofa. Instead of bulky sofas and chairs, decorate the room with sleek and lightweight furniture. They are more in tune with the modern décor. Choose a matching coffee table. You may buy coffee tables in square, rectangular, oval and round shapes. Coffee table with drawers will help you store away small items like newspaper, periodicals and art objects.

When space is not a constraining factor, you may buy a console table or corner table and strategically place it in the room. Decorate the top of these tables with fashionable table lamps, potted plants and beautiful artworks. Another very important feature of a living room is the tv cabinet. You may install floating tv cabinet and free up some floor space in the process. Buying a tv cabinet that doubles up as a bookcase or display cabinet is another way of making the optimal use of the space available in your room.

Sideboards are a great option for a living room that merges into a dining space and kitchen. You may use the sideboard to store away your crockery. You may buy a sideboard with wheels which could easily be moved away to a different part of the room after a small party. Installing floating sideboard is another option which you may like to consider.   

How to decorate the walls of a modern living room in Canada?

To decorate the walls of a living room, you may choose an age old favourite – wallpaper. However, buy wallpaper with subtle tones and motifs. Choose a texture that goes well with the décor of the room. Instead of covering all four walls, you may only decorate the feature wall with wallpaper. Fabric wallpaper or photo murals could also help you design a very trendy living room.

Consider installing a large mirror in the room, especially if the size of the room is small. This will make it look more spacious. Framed fine art and handmade tapestry are two of the popular alternatives to mirrors. Though the cost of decorating a modern living room largely depends on the choice of furniture and materials, you should be able to complete the project by paying between $8000 CAD and $10000 CAD.

What are some of the modern living room lighting options?

One of the easiest ways of brightening up the interior of your living room is to go for recessed lighting. They are inconspicuous, but capable of flooding the entire space with light. You may buy recessed lighting with adjustable trims for particular areas of the room. You would be able to adjust them while performing specific household chores. Choose display lighting to highlight a large picture on the wall or a special piece of sculpture.

The charm of chandeliers never seems to fade. However, for modern interior, choose chandelier with an understated geometric design. Design inspired by the likes of Paul Henningsen, Alvar Aalto and Serge Mouille will look great in a modern setting. Instead of a chandelier, you may also consider buying simple or cluster pendants and install them on the ceiling of your living room. Don’t forget to install table lamps in the corner of the sofa and on top of the tv cabinet. Instead of a table lamp, you may also place a floor lamp close to the sofa. While reading a book, magazine or newspaper this lamp will come in handy. Due to their stylish design, many table lamps act like a stunning pieces of decorative arts.