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How to design a Scandinavian living room

Contemporary homeowners in Canada seem to have a great appreciation for Scandinavian décor. There are multiple reasons for this style of décor to be so popular among the contemporary homeowners. Scandinavian design helps them decorate a simple, comfortable and uncluttered space. Scandinavian living rooms are design with an unfussy colour scheme, simple furniture, lighting fixtures and minimal amount of decorative objects.

In recent time, modular furniture added another dimension in the interior of a Scandinavian home. The flexibility of such articles of furniture help interior designers plan an elegant space for the modern homeowners. Due to their modular nature, these pieces of furniture can be easily placed in a small living room. In case you are living in a rented apartment, you may easily dismantle your modular furniture and assemble it in your new home. However, this is by no means the only hallmark of Scandinavian design.

The design which was popularised by the likes of Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Hans Wagner and Eero Saarinen makes use of cost effective, durable and locally available materials like natural wood, plywood, aluminium and plastic. This comes as a great boon for those who like to decorate the interiors within a reasonable budget. Use of natural and sustainable materials like wood and stone is also prominent in the Scandinavian homes.

While planning to design a Scandinavian living room, try to keep these aspects in mind. You may easily take inspirations from thousands of Scandinavian living room images right here on homify. For any design related suggestions feel free to contact an experienced interior designer. If you need to expand or remodel your living room before starting to decorate it, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from an interior architect.

What furniture should I buy for a Scandinavian living room in Canada?

To decorate the interior of a Scandinavian living room, you need not order too many articles of furniture. Only opt for those items that you plan to use. Try to have as much white space or vacant area as possible in your room. This will help you design a very chic and organised living room. Choose furniture that boasts of a clean and geometric form. Classical chairs and settees with curvy lines are not suitable for a living room decorated in a Scandinavian fashion. However, there is an exception to this. Mid-century modern furniture with curvy features looks effortlessly stylish in a space like this. Some of the prime examples include the famous Verner Panton Chair, Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair, Alvar Aalto armchairs and Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair.

Avoid buying ostentatiously designed furniture and choose such designs that give more importance to functionality. For example, buy lightweight foldaway chairs for your living room and dining area if you are designing a small house or a studio apartment. Conventional chairs may look better in a setting like this, but they will create even more clutter in the interior of a small home. You will easily be able reuse or remove foldaway chairs to another part of the house once your guests leave. The simplicity of design also helps you plan a very warm and hospitable space. Your guests will immediately feel welcome once they step inside a living room decorated in Scandinavian style.

Some of the must have items of furniture for a living room are a sofa, a couple of matching armchairs, coffee table, corner table, tv cabinet and display cabinet. Depending on the availability of space, try experimenting with the layout. In a spacious room, you may place two three-seater sofas at right angle to each or parallel to each other. You may also buy a sectional sofa and tuck it in one of the corners of the room. Sectional sofas are suitable for a small room too. They help you optimise the space available in your living room.

Instead of traditional free standing storage units, install floating cabinets and shelving systems in a small room. This will make your room feel more spacious. Choose solid pastel colours for the upholstery. Shades of grey, blue and white are most popular in the Scandinavian homes. But you may use a brighter colour or black as an accent tone. Select colours that feel refreshing.

What materials should I choose for my Scandinavian living room?

The homeowners of the Scandinavian countries have a special fondness for wood. It is frequently used to build the entire home. The popularity of natural wood as a primary design material is huge in Canada as well. You may use wood types like ash, cedar, birch, beech, pine and oak to decorate the interior of your living room. For an authentic Scandinavian flavour, opt for wood flooring with white varnish. However, wood is not the only material that you may use in a living room designed in this style.

You may design the walls with brick and even clad a part of it with stone. Choose stones with soft hues like marble, onyx and sandstone. Furniture made of plywood, moulded plastic and a combination of plastic and metal are often bought for contemporary Scandinavian homes. Some of the most iconic pieces of Scandinavian furniture make use of plastic and plywood.

Don’t forget to buy Nordic style lighting fixtures for your living room. You may opt for a combination of contemporary chandelier, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling mounted recessed lighting to brighten up the interior. Consider including a statement lighting fixture like Poul Henningsen pendant lighting fixtures, Arne Jacobsen floor lamps or table lamps to design a graceful living room. Being a precious piece of decorative arts, they will immediately induce cheer in the ambience.