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How to design a tropical living room in Canada?

While planning the interior of a tropical living room try to form a direct connection with surrounding scenery. You may do so by building a patio adjacent to the living room or planning a direct access from the living room to the garden. Take advantage of the beauty of the surroundings, especially if your house is in an advantageous location. Install French windows to improve the ventilation quality of the interiors. It will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings as well.

Tropical living rooms are built on the ground floor level of a two or three story building. So building an adjacent terrace becomes easy for the owners of tropical homes. In flood prone areas of the tropics, the dwelling is built on a raised platform made of wood or bamboo. Even in such cases the dwellings are often built with a wraparound balcony or veranda. Your tropical living room should ideally be spacious and airy. Opt for open plan architecture just in case you don’t have sufficient space to build an expansive living room.

Vernacular tropical homes have extended gable or hipped roofing systems that provide shelter to the main building as well as the adjacent areas like terraces and balconies. It is important for the owners of the tropical houses to keep the sun out of the interiors as long as possible, because harsh and direct sunlight of the tropics often makes the interiors intolerably warm. Window treatments like blinds and shutters made of bamboo, reed grass or wood are used to cool down the interior atmosphere. While you need not make such elaborate arrangements to bring down the temperature of the interiors in Canada, you may opt for such window treatments for aesthetic reasons.

For the same reason as mentioned above, try not to place the furniture close to the windows. Make the seating arrangement at the middle of the room. This will make the living room look more spacious as well. Choose organic mats or rugs instead of wall to wall carpeting. Decorate the living room as well as the patio adjacent to it with tropical plants. Plants like hibiscus, jasmine, palms, canna, bougainvillea, agapanthus and passiflora grown well in the interiors of a tropical style living room in Canada. Choose earthen pots or ceramic planters to grow these plants. Place them in the corners of the room, close to the windows, on either side of the tv cabinet and on the terrace for a genuine tropical ambience.

What materials should I choose to decorate my tropical living room?

Opt for environment friendly and sustainable materials to design your living room. You may use bricks to build the entire structure. It is cost effective and widely available. Stone is another option you must explore if you are planning to decorate a tropical living room. It keeps the interiors cool in the summer months, is durable and boasts of an elegant appearance. You may opt for marble, granite, limestone, sandstone or onyx. Marble and sandstone are most common in the tropical homes of the Asian countries. Due to their colours, they help them to create a bright and cheerful living space. You may utilise stones to build the walls and the flooring.

You also have the option of going for a perennial favourite – wood. Its beauty and durability are well known. Wood can be used in all parts of a living room including its roofing system, walls and flooring. And, it is impossible to think of a tropical living room without traditional wooden furniture. You may decorate the interiors of the room with wood types like ipe, teak, walnut, padauk, oak or hickory.

Bamboo may be used in conjunction with wood or, sometimes, as its replacement. You may design graceful windows and doors using bamboos. Bamboo flooring is increasingly becoming popular in the modern homes. It can also be used to design comfortable furniture with a rustic flair. Like wood, bamboo is durable. It is more affordable than solid wood as well.

What colour schemes are appropriate for a tropical living room?

Choose a colour scheme that is dominated by the earthly shades like brown, buff and beige. Introduce an accent colour in the form of dark red or orange. This will add a dramatic effect to the interior. You may also opt for warm white tones accented with bright hues like yellow and red. Green is not a very common colour for the interiors. But for your tropical living room this will create a great impact. Vary between pale and dark shades of green to obtain the right balance. Those decorating the interiors in a tropical jungle theme, may opt for textiles with motifs of tropical plants, foliage and animals. Don’t forget to ask your interior decorator about some other effective colour schemes.

How to decorate the walls of a tropical living room?

To decorate the walls of your living room buy large mirrors with handcrafted frames. This will make the interior look brighter. You may consider hanging handmade wall art made of wrought iron or wood on your feature and accessory walls. Framed tapestry with a tropical motif would also look beautiful in a setting like this. Install wall sconces to illuminate the focal points of the room. They will also beautify the interior with their decorative presence. If you have sufficient space in the room, you may consider building a living wall or vertical garden. It would be a very novel way of decorating a room in style.