Home cinema: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Ideas and inspirations for a home theatre

In a contemporary home, media room has become an important feature. It is not only considered a style statement. It is not used as a simple home theatre of tv room either. In fact, it has multiple utilisations which prompt today’s homeowners to consider it as an essential part of their modern abodes.

Planning a home theatre

Before you start taking any important buying decision, consider the dimension of the space you are about to decorate. Think of how you want to use this space. Is it going to be a mere home cinema or a lounge area doubling up as a tv room? Do you intend to convert this space into a hobby area as well? Instead of simply organising a home theatre here, you may consider to decorate it as a music room acting as a theatre occasionally.

Your choices will dictate your buying decisions. Measure the area thoroughly and, if you have intentions to decorate a rather versatile room, assess how much space would be taken up by every of article of furniture. Enough negative space is necessary to design an elegant and comfortable media room. If you have any plan of entertaining your guests here, you will have to make arrangements of the same as well.

If the space is meant for private use only, your decorative choices will be different from the ones meant for a space to be occupied by the entire family and close friends. Sorting out these questions in your mind will naturally help you to design a space to your liking. Going through our media room ideas will help you to decide on the style of your entertainment zone.

Special features of a theatre room

A dedicated theatre or music room will need certain structural changes as well. Being aware of the same will help you to plan a more functional space. Rectangular rooms are better suited for home theatres than a square shaped room. The fewer windows you have here are better. Windows may cause distortion in sound.

Natural light coming through the windows may reflect on the screens and disturb viewing experiences. However if you have your living room in the same space, lack of windows may jeopardise the ambience. In such a case, cover the windows with layered curtains.

Special consideration has to be given in choosing the materials for flooring and wall panels. Wall to wall carpeting will improve the sound absorption qualities. So, it would be better to invest in the same and maintain peace in the other parts of your house.

You can consider buying wall panels manufactured for the media rooms or opt for fabric walling to improve the acoustics of the room. You must, however, complete the wiring beforehand. Speakers will have to be mounted in this stage too. A trendy home theatre would need such features as sound dampening material, diffusers and so on.

You may need professional help to install the right features for the best viewing and audio experiences. Whether you are a connoisseur, hobbyist or composer, remember your music room would benefit from having these features as well. For a more high-end cinema rooms at home, you will have to reserve a small but separate space to build a control room.

Media room décor

Choose a dark colour scheme as it absorbs excess light and improves the viewing experience. If black is not to your liking choose dark grey, green or blue. Dark brown and red also works fine in this space. You may choose a dark colour scheme in the actual cinema and a lighter one in the bar and entertainment area. Use of high quality wood panels in conjunction with the dark palette is also preferred for this space. Wood panels tend to give a lavish makeover to the space.

If the ceiling height is 10 feet or more, you may consider building semi-permanent ramps for tiered seating arrangement. This will give an authentic theatre like feel. For an immersive experience you will have to consider the ideal viewing angle too. In case of a smaller sized room, take special care to maintain the optimal viewing distance.

The distance between the viewer and the screen should be three times the diagonal width of your tv screen at the very least. For example, to comfortably watch a movie on a 60-inch wide tv screen you should sit at least 15 feet away from it. The speakers should not boom too close to the ears either. They should remain at least 2.5 feet away from the audience. Meticulous interior planning of your home theatre will help you prevent many of the possible health hazards.

Do not forget to equip your media room with Wi-Fi. You would certainly not like to miss the chance of showing your latest travel experience captured on video and stored away in the cloud. Net enabled blu ray players are also becoming increasingly popular. You need Wi-Fi to take full benefits of these functions.

Furniture for your home cinema

Apart from the shape and size of the room, you choices will be dictated by the fact whether you want to have an authentic cinema feel or a more casual space to enjoy a merry time with the dear ones. If you are converting your spare living room, bedroom or guest accommodation which is a rather tiny space, you will have to opt for a relaxing entertainment zone with a cosy sofa or a sectional one to fill the corner.

Though not indispensable, a coffee table will be a welcome addition too. Choose floating cabinets to keep the floor space vacant and try to give the room a more airy feel. If you or anyone of your family wants to use this space to hone their skills in music, it would be wise to partition off a section of the room and create a cosy nook for the same. Fabric walls, wood panels or thick curtains can be used as a separator between the two zones of the same room.

Glass panels will work fine, if you want to secure this space for a cosy bar area or games room. Your choice will influence the décor of the space as well. Unless you have wall to wall carpet with added cushions, use layered area rugs. They have great capabilities of absorbing sound and preventing it from travelling to the other sections of the house.

Keep a few lightweight stools in the bar section. Have a domestic tea and coffee vending machine as well. You may not like the idea of travelling all the way to the kitchen to fetch a cup of tea or coffee in the middle of an interesting movie. And, do not forget to have a popcorn machine as well! Check out our media room images for small homes and seek inspirations for giving this space a more elegant makeover.

For the ultimate cinema experience, premium quality leather or fabric loungers specially manufactured for home theatres are a must have. You will find a variety of styles to suit all kinds of media rooms. This includes chaise loungers with flip up arms, modular seating arrangements and sectional couches. Any one of these styles is capable of giving your theatre a most luxurious feel.

Velvet curtains with flowing drapes work best in a space like this. Choose a shade that suits the overall colour scheme. Too busy motifs should be avoided as possible distractions. Decorate the walls with posters and photographs of famous movies and movie icons. Music aficionados will love to have their favourite icon’s image put up on the wall. Go for a frameless photograph or those with only slim frames for a contemporary room.

Lighting fixtures

The lighting in this space should be sufficient enough to illuminate the room without affecting the mood. Choose lighting with dimmers and remote controls. Modern homes prefer a layered lighting option. It will be highly essential for the dream theatre you are building for your family and close acquaintances. Go through the home theatre images of homify for a variety of lighting ideas suitable for your home.

Ambient lighting induces that subtle mood necessary for a space like this. You can install LED lights behind the ceiling panels close to the curtains and under the shelves of the bar or entertainment section. Recessed lighting can help to keep the entire room thoroughly illuminated. Task lighting next to the recliners would be necessary for a spacious and multifunctional room.

Task lighting will be an important option for your music or sports room as well, if you have enclosed it in the same space. Install wall scones next to the framed images or between the windows. Choose stylish fixtures which can augment the cheery mood of the atmosphere.