Nursery & kid's room: design ideas & pictures

Decorating ideas for a child’s room or nursery

When looking for ideas to create a comfortable, relaxing and perfectly decorated space for your kids’ room or nursery there are a few things to consider. A bedroom for a child is more than just a place to sleep, it is also a place to play and hide, which is why the décor should be adaptable, allowing you to change the focus of the kids bedroom ideas for their age and educational milestones. The bedroom should act as a playroom and learning centre too, allowing the child to play, study and even take on and develop new hobbies, whether it be art or any other idea that they are focussed on at the time.

Planning and layout for a nursery

At a young age, children begin to be influenced by their environment and surroundings, which is why a bedroom or nursery décor that emphasises organisation and comfort is important for any kid, regardless of their age. By teaching them to store their toys away in boxes at a young age, you teach them the value of organisation and structure, which will in turn guide your child to always have an organised, clean and tidy space whether it be for work or play, which is essential for a positive mind and attitude. This means that as your child grows up, they will be able to maintain an uncluttered workspace that is meticulous and comfortable. A charming interior will no doubt assist your child to nurture creativity and concentration.

Colour schemes for children’s room or nursery?

When considering colour and nursery ideas for your child’s room, it’s easy to choose a colour that is the norm for a girl’s room or boy’s room, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go with the usual pink or blue stereotype. How about switching the boring colour for something unusual and unique? Some brilliant yellow perhaps to let your little girl know that she is the light of your life or how about some great green for that little boy that loves nature and the outdoor life? By experimenting with colours, patterns and characters, your child’s bedroom will be simple yet different. So next time you consider some new and exciting girls bedroom ideas or boys bedroom ideas, use a bit of imagination, creativity and of course a vibrant colour to create a magical and enchanting bedroom that suits the fantastic ideas that your kid enjoys.

Baby nursery ideas

If it’s a little bundle of joy that’s on their way into your life, then consider creating a bedroom that is calming and relaxing, which will aid your baby in sleep. Decorating a baby nursery can be a fun and exciting way to generate hype for the infant you’re expecting, so consider some pastel shades that generate a comfortable bedroom experience. Other baby nursery ideas include the use of vinyl stickers, which can be purchased at any home décor store or even custom made to suit the space. A baby room should have a comforting effect to both the child and the parents and this means using colours and patterns that are elegant and simple without too much detail, which can make it seem over the top and even gaudy, especially when overloaded with too many contrast colours. A warm colour palette allows light to bounce in all directions, while natural light creates an inviting and cosy effect on a bedroom. However, according to Feng Shui principles, it is important remember that an all-white décor may not be suitable for a child’s room as it is too bright and energetic, which may actually disrupt their sleeping pattern. If you need some assistance with nursery interiors and nursery pictures, visit the homify website, where there are Ideabooks and images to suit any bedroom décor and style idea, from the prettiest pink to the ocean inspired.

Some basic rules for designing a kid’s room?

When decorating or designing your kid’s room, it is vital to consider their personality in the décor, which is why if your child is old enough, you should ask their opinion on colours, choices and ideas. But bear in mind that children often like to adopt characters of their favourite movies or cartoons into the bedroom décor, so think about your budget before agreeing to décor that you could potentially not afford. Remember that timeless décor means more than just inspiration that you have seen in a magazine or online publication, and thinking about how that décor can be adapted as your child grows older is imperative, a fad or seasonal décor trend could be a costly affair that isn’t worth inventing money in if your child will just get tired of it in a few months. For example if you buy a cot for your infant, then consider whether that cot can be adapted as a bed when your child is a toddler, instead of replacing it in a few years’ time, which is just a waste of time and money. Another important factor to consider when designing a bedroom for a child is the storage space, your child will need drawers and space to store everything from clothing and shoes to toys and educational items, so investing in a good size storage unit is vital to making the room cheerful, healthy and comfortable.

Boy’s bedroom décor

When considering décor for your boy, think about his favourite colours, characters and even sports teams and create a room that is themed on all his favourites, whether it be football, hockey or even baseball. His favourite genre of music is a great décor idea for his teenage years, where guitars and even a drum set could make an interesting interior design idea. However, remember to include space for studying and practising his hobbies too. Book shelves are an essential part of any décor and adequate closet space for clothing and shoes will ensure a neat and tidy room. Think about how the décor can be adapted as your child grows up, the last thing you want is a teenager that has a bedroom with a baby blue décor, so make it easy to upgrade the décor as time moves on.

Girl’s bedroom ideas

When decorating a girl’s bedroom it needs to feel elegant and cheerful regardless of your age, so consider nurturing her artistic side with some creative and organised paints and drawing boards. Or perhaps she has a dream of being a swimming star, cultivate positivity through inspirational quotes and mottos that will enhance her ability to think like a winner. Maybe she loves books? So a reading nook is a great idea to make use of a bay window. Consider lovely colours that are trendy and stylish in every way, allowing your child to express any facet of their personality at any time.

Tips for the children’s room

There ideas and décor inspiration for your child’s bedroom are endless and it may seem like quite a daunting task to begin with, but consider how functional, practical, neat and tidy the room will be once it is complete. This may be the perfect opportunity to decorate your kid’s room with some innovative lighting, so they’re never scared of the dark again or how about creating a funky mood in their room that can cheer them up on their darkest day? Children need a nurturing home environment and colour, patterns as well as lighting are some fantastic ways to transform their sleep space into a magical area filled with comfort and pleasant décor that is adorable too.

The safety factor for your child’s room

Parents need to take steps in ensuring that their child’s room and play space is safe in all regards. This means designing a room without sharp edges, sufficient lighting and even bearing in mind the harmful effect that glare can have on young eyes. This is why a child’s room and the entire house shouldn’t have any exposed electrical wiring, and switchboards should be well out of reach for your kids’. Another aspect that is often forgotten in the technological age that we live in, is that children should be taught to use electrical appliances, such as the TV, air conditioners and laptops or computers as soon as they are responsible and old enough to use them. Non-slip flooring is essential for the child’s room or bathroom, and windows should be secured with bars to ensure that children don’t get hurt. Doors and windows should be fitted with child safe locks too. Keeping the bedroom well-ventilated and hygienic is another essential for a child’s room, this will allow fresh air into the space and allow them to play comfortably, an important factor for modern homes that often don’t have the luxury of an external garden area for children to play in and learn. Avoiding clutter is another important factor for your child’s room which is why plastic bags and loose cords should never be left around, these are choking and suffocating hazards for small children. Any potential poisonous chemicals or medication should also be carefully stored in a locked cabinet, completely out of reach of small children. When purchasing indoor plants, ensure that they are not poisonous to children or animals. And ensure that when your buy new toys for your child that they are safe and free from harmful chemicals and carcinogens.