Single family homes - design ideas and pictures

What constitutes a single family home?

A single family home can be defined as a detached house built to provide shelter for a single family. It is aptly called a single detached dwelling. Such houses are often set on its own premises. They occupy larger lots in the suburbs than in the bigger cities. Whether you are building a house in a city or in an idyllic locale, the interior of your home will be up to you.

Different styles of single family homes

Canada is home to many different kinds of architectural style. Structures vary according to the regional styles as well. Some of the most common architectural styles include the following:

American Foursquare – This style was particularly popular between late 19th century and early 20th century. A great many houses still showcase this style. These houses are generally two stories high. They are built with a large porch. Their square and boxy structure is responsible for their name.

Art Deco – The charm of art deco prevails. A great many majestic buildings of Vancouver and Montreal still possess art deco design. Famous Canadian architect Ernest Cormier was particularly responsible for spreading the popularity of this style.

Modernist – The likes of Frank Gehry and Arthur Erickson ensured that people develop a taste for modern style of buildings.

Log homes – Handcrafted log dwellings are the proud possession of many a homeowner here. Sometimes luxurious log residences are built as holiday getaways. The vast landscape of the country provides charming backdrop for a dwelling like this.

Among other styles, provincial and Georgian buildings are also seen in the different parts of the country. You can check out some of the most charming single family homes from right here.

Construction of a single family home

Constructing a family dwelling is one of the most cherished dreams of many. If you are reading this page, chances are you are very close to realising your dream. As you may imagine, the costs of building a house differ greatly from one place to another. Custom designed dwellings come at a premium. Those at the lower end of the scale come with a price tag of CAD 350,000 or more.

For a generously sized lavish dwelling this price can go above CAD 2 million. You must also take into account the cost of land, fees for the professionals who are going to help you realise this project, legal fees etc. If you are building ground up, it is always better to seek advice from an experienced architect.

You may check the architects available on homify’s platform and discuss your requirements with them. In doing so, you may actually cut down a lot of unnecessary costs while building your dream abode.

Taking energy efficiency into account when building a single family home

Whether you are planning a new family dwelling or renovating an existing one, take energy efficiency very seriously. This will save you from a lot of headaches, not to mention the hefty utility bills, in the months and years to come. When possible, install solar photovoltaic system for water heating, lighting up the exterior of the building, garden etc.

Protective measures against possible natural disasters

Depending on the location of your house, take due precaution against flooding, storm and fire. The resilient nature of the design of your building will help you protect from natural disasters like these. Insure your dwelling against possible damages caused by fire. Take protective measures and keep your family safe.

Legal issues that may arise when building a single family home

Take counsel from a legal expert. Also, find a reputed agent if you are planning to buy an existing building or a vacant piece of land. Legal aspects of setting up a residence vary from one province to another.  Like many other countries, you are expected to enter an agreement for purchasing a property. Besides the standard clauses, your agreement should contain the conditions of purchase, alterations to be made if any. For information you can seek help from the real estate association of the province as well.

Pros & cons

Making a decision about building or buying a single family residence takes time. Don’t hasten the process. Try to understand the benefits of buying a property and the drawbacks if any. Assess how far it is from your workplace, children’s school, local market, hospitals etc. Factors like these tend to become crucial to a family’s happiness and convenience later on. Owning a property has its own advantages. But making such an investment might turn out to be unwise, if you move around a lot from one place to another.

Maintaining & costs

The maintenance cost of your residence can vary between 1 and 4 per cent of the actual cost of the building. So if you have bought a residence worth CAD 400,000 expect to set aside CAD 4,000 for maintenance every year. This does not imply, you will have to spend this much of money in reality. The actual cost might be much lower than this.  But you should ideally have a budget equivalent to this amount.