Spa & Sauna: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Ideas for the perfect spa

In order to create the perfect spa for your home, you need to consider the space available as well as determine your budget. Just think that after the hard work is complete, you will be able to relax and unwind in your own home spa, which may be just what you need after a long day at work, it’s definitely something to look forward to after slogging behind a desk all day. It’s a home luxury that many only dream of and can make your at home experience that much more enjoyable, whether you have included a sensational sauna, hearty hot tub or even a stunning steam room in your home, a spa is a luxurious comfort that will leave you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated in every way.

Spa ideas and inspiration

If you are looking for ideas to include a health spa in your home to enhance your wellness and well-being, then there are a variety of home spas to suit the needs of you and your family. Just consider what would be the easiest for you, whether it is a home sauna or Jacuzzi that will relax and comfort you, or perhaps a full spa with all the extra frills that you usually get to enjoy at a luxury resort while on vacation. Spa ideas can be great for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long week, but can also be a great way to start your day. A great way of getting spa inspiration is by visiting the homify website and browsing through homes spa photos and saving home spa pictures into your Ideabooks. This way, you can keep track of the ideas that you love making it easier to incorporate them in your home. Another way of gaining inspiration is by visit local spas or browsing through décor magazines. Just remember that by using the homify website and creating your own Ideabook, you can easily save and store the tips and ideas you love, making it quick to find them again when you are ready to make a decision.

Designing a spa at home?

Home spas are a great way to enhance your body and mind, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care when thinking about a home spa design, in fact this means that you should be even more careful when thinking about sensational décor and design for your home spa. First, think about where you are going to build your home spa, whether it be that unused outdoor shed, perhaps overlooking the garden with panoramic views of the city, or incorporated into the main bathroom, allowing your home spa to be easily accessible, serene and even romantic. Then consider the space that you have available, which spa necessities do you need to have in your home? Is it an unbelievable sauna or steam room? Gorgeous Jacuzzi or hot tub or even just a rain shower for that on the go spa experience? Remember that aside from the essentials that are included in the home spa, you also need to think of relaxing ambiance and atmosphere, so incorporate a sensuous colour scheme that reminds you to relax and unwind in luxury as well as some fragrances that promote tranquillity. These can be anything from sensuous and sensational candles, flowers and even incense if that Zen experience is what you would like to achieve. It may be best to consult a professional interior designer to ensure that your spa is a comfortable, elegant and luxurious space that encourages serenity and even meditation. But, bear in mind that a consultant may be costly so factor the hiring cost of a professional into your budget before you begin. Just imagine how comfortable and relaxing it will be to spend time in your very own home spa, escaping the perils of work, family and life. Designing your spa can be and fun and exciting project, and if you have the budget available then your spa can even be on par with the best resorts around. Now just hire a masseuse once in a while and your home spa experience will be complete.

Considerations of building a home spa?

Remember that having a home spa will not be a cheap and easy process, and you should weigh up the factors such as how often you will make use of the spa, compared to visiting a spa regularly at a beauty salon. By hiring an interior architect that specialises in spas, you may well be able to ensure that your spas layout and equipment is cutting edge and fabulous too. A home spa should ideally be located in a quiet area of the home or a secluded section outside, this will allow you to derive the maximum benefit of the relaxing spot in your home. Peace and quiet go hand in hand with relaxation.

What equipment do I need for my home spa?

There are a variety of options available to add luxury and style to your home spa, from the heated lounger that acts as a massager, to the more simple foot massager that may be just what you need to enjoy a restful sleep. And because there are so many options for your home and budget, adding a spa in your home doesn’t have to be expensive and over the top, it may just be a great way to relax and be comfortable within the confines of your own home.

Spa facilities and requirements

A worthwhile spa experience will have to include the right facilities, this means that your home needs to be properly equipped to include this relaxation area. So just think about what are absolute must-haves in your home before making a decision that is costly. We have included a guide of differences between the many spa facilities in order to make the choice a bit easier for you.


For many people that pay their monthly gym membership, the sauna is one of the gym features they look forward to the most. This is a great way to sweat away your problems. However, before you decide to include a sauna in your home, consider the correct safety measures, this is especially important if you have small children. And remember that hiring a professional to install your sauna will result in less problems to deal with in the future.

Hot tub:

Another fantastic way to unwind is a hot tub, this is often associated with vacations in expensive resorts, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some comfort in your own home too. A hot tub is a great way to socialise and entertain family and friends or even just relax and enjoy the time by yourself, not forgetting that a hot tub can be a romantic experience too.

Steam room:

A steam room is a great way to get rid of that nasty cold and other ailments, and makes a great feature in any home, but it is important to consider the high cost that comes with installing, running and maintaining the steam room in your home.

Inspirations and ideas for a sauna

A sauna can be built to fit any size requirement of a home, from a small part of the bathroom to an entire room of the house, it ultimately depends on your budget and the size of your home. You can find inspiration for your sauna in any place, from the basic one at your local gym to the fantastic sauna that is filled with features and luxury at that resort you visited on vacation. It is now up to you to decide which functional space you want to include in your home.

What is the best sauna design?

When thinking about the best sauna design, it is worthwhile to consider the options that will allow you to enjoy the experience with more than one person. So just think about the type of design that will suit your purposes, from the traditional and rustic wooden sauna design, to the glass version that can easily be incorporated into a modern bathroom. Another versatile choice for a sauna is the portable home option, which is an economical choice that is suited for those who don’t want to make any additional changes to their home interior. A professional will be able to guide you on the best sauna choice to suit your home design, finding a designer is easy with the homify website!

Building a custom sauna?

If you really want a sauna for your home there is another choice, however, buying a custom sauna can either save you money or be a costly risk if it needs to be repaired. Just remember that if you would like to build a custom sauna in your home you need to consider quality materials, excellent lighting and a good sauna heater.

Considering buying a spa?

There are a number of things to consider when buying a spa for your home, from the affordability of the equipment to the quality of materials, so remember to budget wisely and accordingly before making any decisions.