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Steam bath design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is a steam bath?

A steam bath is a special type of room which is used for refreshing the mind and body. It has higher humidity levels in the interior atmosphere. This is considered essential for the therapeutic values of steam baths. Steam baths or steam rooms owe their origin to Roman baths. Steam baths have a prominent presence in Canadian homes. Hastings Steam & Sauna in Vancouver is one of the oldest surviving public steam rooms in the country.

Steam baths are considered to have multiple benefits. Some of these are:

* The soothing effect of a steam bath is well known. It tends to calm your mind and relieve you from everyday stress. 

* Steam baths improve blood circulation in your body. 

* It helps boost your immunity system. 

* If you are suffering from cough or sinusitis, you may get significant relief from using a steam bath. 

* It relieves congestions in your respiratory system. 

* It hydrates, deep cleans and nourishes the skin. 

* Many people consider it a potent solution for cellulite problems. 

* A steam bath increases your metabolism level and contributes in moderate weight loss.

What are the differences between a sauna and steam room?

Before opting for a home steam room, many potential buyers worry a lot over the question of steam room vs sauna. Both sauna and steam room have very similar health benefits which complicates the matter further. So let’s discuss the key differences between a sauna and steam room.

Steam rooms operate under hot and wet conditions. The presence of high moisture level is essential for the therapy to succeed. On average, the interior temperature of a steam room remains around 40 degree Celsius. Steam rooms are built from ceramic tiles, stone and glass. Prefabricated steam rooms are also available for purchase. Bathers generally spend more time in steam rooms than in the saunas. Traditional steam rooms are also considered a place for engaging with the community.

Saunas are almost exclusively built from wood. They function in high temperature. Often the temperature inside a Finnish sauna exceeds 70 degree Celsius. The interior of the saunas remain largely dry. Humidity does not play a significant role here. Saunas are used in short spells, generally of 15 minutes each. Like steam rooms, prefabricated saunas are also available in the market. You can build or buy steam rooms or saunas in your spa bathroom or in the swimming pool complex.

Steam bath at home: What do I need? 

So what do you need to build a steam room in your home? To begin, identify a space where you could comfortably build or install a prefabricated steam bath. You must have the plumbing and electrical system ready. The space must have a dedicated shower room. You will have to invest in a quality steam generator.

An exhaust fan must be installed in the space enclosing the steam room. Use waterproofing membranes to protect your plumbing and electrical fixtures. Don’t forget to plan a comfortable seating area in the privacy of your steam room. A steam room would cost you around  $2000 CAD. A modular steam bath can be bought in less than  $1000 CAD.

How to build and install a steam bath? 

Take time out to prepare the space before proceeding to build your steam bath. Complete all the repairing work in the interior of this space. Take special care to address any moisture related damages. Leaking shower or water pipes may create huge problem later on. So change the damaged materials and use sealants to seal them from future moisture related issues. Cover the walls and flooring with glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles. 

Based on the size of your steam bath, buy a steam generator. Depending on the cubic metre of space to be covered, generators are rated and sold. When in doubt don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with a spa expert. Install the steam generator in a dry space. To function at an optimum level, it must be positioned within 4 metres of the steam room. Build a steam room pan and reinforce it with concrete and fiberglass. You may then cover the interior with glass or porcelain tiles.

Install the glass panels and build the doorway. Seal off the gaps with waterproof membranes. Buy skidproof tub steps and install hand rails to make it age friendly. Consider adding a stereo system and automatic infuser to help you create a relaxing mood. Finally, install the frosted glass door to complete the project.

How to clean and maintain a steam bath?

To maintain a healthy interior atmosphere, prepare a cleaning regimen for your steam room. Use antibacterial cleansers to clean the interior from top to bottom. Make sure that you drain the steam generator at regular intervals. Don’t let dust and germs build up into the system. It will have a negative effect on your steam room atmosphere.

Use commercially available tile cleaners to clean the floor and wall tiles. You may also combine one part sodium bicarbonate with six parts water to clean the ceramic tiles. Use silicone based sealants to fill in the cracks and minor damages that may appear with time. Carefully remove mould the moment it builds up. Use waterproof membranes or sealants to protect the interior from an attack of mould and mildew. Use gentle non-abrasive chemicals to remove the stains of hard water.