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Designing the perfect modern home office

With so many people opting to work from home as an extra form of income, it seems only perfect that a modern office design be styled and suited according to the needs of the professional. So whether it be renovating that unused room in your home, or adding an office space to your living room, there are options for you to make your home workspace easy and efficient. If you are lucky enough to have an entire floor for your office, then consider adding a separate entrance, in case you would like to host interviews or meetings away from the busy environment of your home interior. Remember that a home office should be private and quiet, which allows for work to be done in peace. Your home office doesn’t have to look like a cluttered mess, keeping organised is a great way to be efficient.

Ideas and inspiration for a home office

If you need a contemporary and sophisticated home office that will look chic and stylish, while also taking care of your business requirements, then think carefully about what you would like to include in the design before you begin. Researching ergonomics and sunlight is a good place to begin, remember that style ideas, décor, layout and design, all need to work well with each other to create a holistic setting for your modern office interiors to look sensational. A great way to find inspiration and modern home office ideas is to browse the homify website. This database is filled with exquisite ideas and example to make your modern study look attractive, feel comfortable and be a great space that is conducive to working. And if you require some assistance to making your modern home office ideas become a reality, then it may be a good idea to contact a professional interior designer in your area that concentrates on this type of upgrade and styling. It’s important to find a professional that has the necessary skill, contacts and experience to make your home office a great and inviting space to work.

What will make my home office modern?

Furniture, finishing’s, colour choice and lighting are all contributing factors to make home office look and feel more modern. However, it is also important to consider your profession when decorating a home office, think of more serious and subtle tones if your profession is focused on numbers, data and statistics. While a more natural and colourful environment may just be the perfect décor for an art studio, how about pastel shades for a writer that may require striking colours to create a stylish and elegant setting that is inspirational and just the muse that is needed to get rid of writer’s block. Remember that it is important to keep your office out of sight from the rest of your home, which is especially important if you have small children. A separate entrance for your office is a great way to keep the noise level to a minimum and maintain a professional image. And by keeping your office perfectly organised, you ensure that you will always be able to find the client information or files you require. But, just because you need to keep track of your files in an orderly manner, doesn’t mean that you need boring looking shelves, go for something creative and you may just want to keep track of your files after all!

Wall colour choices for my home office

There may be a variety of choices and styles of décor available to make your home office sensational, but you may need to consider your profession before splashing your walls with a coat of paint. Think about the aesthetic appeal of the wall colour and what it would mean to be taken seriously as a professional, whether you are an accountant, writer, marketing consultant or designer. A home office painted in the right choice of colours will add aesthetic appeal to your office. When considering colour choices for your home office, bear in mind the following: light pastel colours such as white or blue are great for consulting with clients, while a brighter blue will make your home office look spacious and inviting.

Flooring choices for my home office

There are so many choices when it comes to office flooring, from carpeting, to the industrial look of concrete flooring, maybe even laminated flooring for that cosy home office space, with a rug for the most used areas, but the décor and style of your home office should also work with your choice of flooring, so remember that there is a professional image to uphold and maintain when meeting with potential or current clients and you need to be taken seriously, your floor choice should therefore be the most comfortable and stylish yet budget friendly option for your office. Way up the options and consider the maintenance of the flooring choice before going for anything that will not add value to your home office in the long run. Your flooring also needs to be aesthetically appealing and work with your personality, so if you have some quirks, it’s okay to incorporate something vibrant and eclectic into your design, as long as it makes a statement about your business, ideals or persona.

Home office designs to suit you

Remember that there is no right or wrong with home office design as it is a personal choice, based on your character, your professional profile and your field. But remember that your choice needs to be stylish, elegant and attractive, as your clients will likely draw a conclusion about your personality and business sense based on the design choices that you’ve made. Your home office design will need to fit your budget as well, so if all you can afford is a few desks, a meeting table and some chairs, which may be the best choice until you can afford some more fantastic choices. But, if you have any awards, certificates or designs that you can showcase, your walls are a blank canvas to showcase as much of your business as possible. However, remember that less is more so try not to clutter and overwhelm your décor with too many accessories and artefacts. Your office space design doesn’t need to happen overnight, so consider adding some sensational furniture and making changes to your walls over a period of time. This will also allow you to recover some of the budget as you progress in your project.

Tips and tricks for decorating my home office

The home office décor and interior design needs to be complimentary. This means that each aspect of the décor needs to work well with the other to create a stylish and usable space that is inviting and aesthetically appealing. Think about what you would like to include in your home office before beginning with the décor and research comparative prices and items that are affordable, choose items that will make a statement without breaking the bank and go for the most tasteful furniture that is stylish yet durable. This will ensure that it lasts long as a style option in a home. Choose simple and neutral colours and don’t opt for major contrasting colours in dull shades for your modern home office.

Choosing accessories for my home office

Although accessories are an integral part of office décor, they can also be divided into needs and aesthetics. A wall clock for example can be a stylish addition to an office, but also serves the needs of telling time, this can complement you home office style while being useful too. While furniture choses that are modern and stylish can serve as seating or working space for your home office, while also being aesthetically appealing. An important factor to remember is to choose furniture that fits in with the space of your home office and doesn’t look bulky.

Decorating a small home office

While some might have all the space necessary to create a gorgeous home office, others may have a small space within their home to organise their thoughts and complete their work. Remember that when decorating your small office it is important to consider built-in furniture as a space saving option, while lighter colour choices can add chic style to the space without overloading the design with too much colour, creating the illusion of a spacious office. Adding some glass doors does wonders for making the space look fresh, large and open too, and limiting the amount of accessories will ensure that the home office looks tidy and uncluttered.