Country Style Home Design Ideas and Pictures

What can make my country style room perfect?

Country style décor is about creating a comfortable and cosy home interior that is charming, inviting and homely. Just because you live in a major city or urban area, doesn’t mean that you cannot recreate this relaxing and elegant country home décor in your skyscraper apartment. In order to make your home look and feel warmer, welcoming and comfy you need to remember that socialising is a huge part of country style. This means that your interior needs to be an idea place to relax, with a good amount of seating space. Another great way of recreating this rustic country home experience in your own modern home is by incorporating oversized fireplaces, large and comfortable country style furniture and even wood burning stoves into your décor. Before beginning with the actual project, it is worthwhile to spend time deciding on exactly which décor and design options you would like to include in your home. It is imperative to consider ideas and trends that will remain tasteful for years to come too, and with the help of homify, you can quickly see which country inspired décor is a good idea to include in your interior. It is therefore a fantastic idea to spend time and effort sorting and browsing through the homify website for ideas that you love and country houses that you simply adore!

Where can I find country style room ideas?

If you are fascinated by anything vintage, classic, rustic and traditional, then antique markets are a great place to begin your discovery of country style decorating ideas. This is a world of inspirational ideas that can often be bought at a great deal, although the items may need some restoration. Including a few choice pieces into your décor will make the world of difference in your country inspired interior. You may even consider including adorable accessories and smaller décor ornaments in your home, a great way to discover hints for these homes is by wandering around a local farmhouse for authentic inspiration. By browsing the homify website, you can instantly gain access to ideas, inspirations and rustic appeal that may be just what you’ve been looking for, and if your budget allows it, then why not opt for the bespoke or artisanal route and get that designer country décor that is tailor made for your home and perhaps even your personality. But, you don’t have to only stick to country style décor to make your home a magical experience, by combining rustic and traditional style with some modern and minimalist designer features your home can look absolutely amazing yet unique and unusual too. It’s a quirky take on décor that could make a major difference to your home. And because the homify website is a great way to not only discover new ideas, but also save the ideas that you simply love, finding those designs and décor inspirations again is as easy as just logging in to the website again.

Wall colour choices for country style rooms?

Country style rooms are great in that they allow for a broad range of colours to be included in the design, which is fantastic if you want to create a cosy and homely ambiance. Gentle greys and greens emulate a farmhouse experience, while white walls and exposed wooden skirting and door frames are sophisticated and perfectly rustic. How about including terracotta and some neutral shades for that perfect and brilliant authentic country style experience that is elegant and attractive.

Flooring choices for a country style house?

When looking for flooring choices for your country style home, it may be a good idea to just stick to the original flooring for that authentic country atmosphere. Rustic stone flooring is a fantastic choice for country style home and wooden floors work elegantly to create a homely country style experience. When considering flooring choices for different parts of your home, wooden floors are an excellent choice for a kitchen or living room. By including this decorate and luxurious country style flooring in your living room and adding a splash of colour and a comfortable rug, your décor can look homely and effortlessly cosy. The homify website is even a great place to discover and search for professionals in your country, so it may be worthwhile searching for a flooring expert to make your home look chic and stylish.

Tips and tricks for decorating country style rooms?

Aside from gaining inspiration from historic farmhouses that are filled with ornate and antique objects and items, another means of creating a gorgeous country style home is by browsing through country style photos and country style pictures to bring your home interior to life. Just think about how amazing a simple yet vintage wooden table and chair set would look in your newly revamped country style dining room. Chic and elegant, with a fantastic appeal that definitely makes a statement in any home. Another great way to add country charm is by considering a textured approach to design in your kitchen, this can mean anything from perfect mosaic countertops to rustic stone flooring and even an exposed brick or stone wall for that truly authentic touch, while you at it, remember to include some hanging pot racks and ensure that all your necessities are within reach. Don’t get rid of your exposed brick or stone wall when remodelling your home with a country style in mind, this could create the rustic charm necessary for your home interior, it’s a great way to make use of a design feature that your home already has, while making your home cosy and comfortable too. Earthy tones, as well as hues of green and yellow are great decorative choice for a home, while brighter colours can make for a fascinating accent wall too. Textured fabrics for furniture upholstery and authentic wooden beds are a great combination along with simple and elegant curtains that add that charming and chic touch to a country inspired décor. Ceramic or wooden vases make fantastic ornaments that can easily be incorporated into the design, so think twice before deciding not to buy some handmade crafts on your next vacation. Adding some greenery is always a sensational choice to bring a touch of nature into your home too.

Essentials of country style design

Country style homes can be simple and tasteful with a humble appeal or they can be decorative, stunning and gorgeously striking, the décor choice lies with the homeowner entirely. Rustic inspiration is uncomplicated and elegant, with a number of handcrafted features included in the décor, this can be made by local artists, or purchased from a local craft market, but the best way to include country style elements in your home is to make them yourself, or even venture into your grandmother’s attic and look for crocheted blankets and pillow covers to make your home feel chic and cosy. A country style home is decorated perfectly, with each item having purpose and its place in the design of a room, so consider which items should be carefully included in the décor. Colour is another way to create an attractive and aesthetically pleasing country style room that is elegant and charming.

Choosing country style furniture

When considering country style furniture, think about the unique qualities that make wood a fantastic choice, whether they are veneered or shiny, this will also add to a perfect country setting, so think about that natural experience when decorating your country style home. Anything from wooden sofas to coffee tables and side tables are a great way to spruce up a boring interior style. Traditional furniture choices for rustic or country inspired homes are any form of wood, from strong and elegant examples, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood, walnut or any other species of wood available locally. While, bamboo and rattan furniture are appropriate for a country style interior too, they are a lot more affordable than high quality wood. Consider including hand woven baskets, boxes and wooden trunks as additional storage units for the kitchen, dining room and even the bathroom. If you are restoring old wooden furniture, a good coat of paint that will match the interior colour scheme is a great choice, or perhaps just leave the furniture with the original lacquered or varnished finish, which is better suited for premium and high quality wooden furniture. Wooden pallets or old wooden planks may also be repurposed as an outdoor dining table or coffee table, making your outdoor space a comfortable and charming country style inspiration too. Sourcing natural stone from desirable and top grade companies is a great way to have a unique and elegant dining table that is quirky and high quality.