Modern Style Home Design Ideas and Pictures

Modern interior design

The dawning of 20th century first saw modern homes slowly overpowering other forms of architecture and design known until then. It was not a fad, but was designed to last. Like all successful design ideals, modern home design proved to be very suitable for the prevailing time. Naturally, its popularity only increased with time.

Modern interior design ideas

Eliel Saarinen, famous architect and father of another notable 20th century designer Eero Saarinen, said, “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” It was an invisible blueprint for every architect of the era and is being diligently followed ever since.

You will find this site replete with modern interior design ideas. If you are planning a new home for yourself and your family, you can go through the modern home inspiration with detailed façade designs suitable to your tastes.

You can surf through the modern home photos and consider borrowing modern interior design ideas for your dream abode. If you are thinking of redecorating the interior in a modern style, there is no dearth of inspirations there too. Do not forget to read our hot tips published regularly through our magazine section.

Environment friendly modern home ideas

Modern room design tends to be heavily impacted by the environmental considerations. Modern interior benefits from using a number of sustainable building materials. Some of these include mud bricks, bricks recycled from agricultural wastes, strawbale insulation, bamboo, timber, cork and so on.

Improving the energy efficiency of the home by using suitable lighting, insulation and ventilation is also important. There is an increased emphasis on utilising alternative sources of energy as well. Installing solar photovoltaic panels at home is hardly considered an exception now.

Modern furniture for living room

The rapidity at which modern interior design has cast a spell can be most acutely felt by looking around the interior of our home. The sofa you have in your living room, the chairs that are set against the corner, the coffee table occupying the middle of the room, in short each piece of furniture in this space, speaks of contemporary homeowner’s appreciation for modern room décor.

Constructivism, Bauhaus and mid-century modern design have together changed the interior of our homes. Rapid technological developments and shrinking sizes of the contemporary houses also influenced the interior decor. Nowadays, a large number of homeowners prefer following an open floor plan which combines lounge area with the dining room and kitchen. This helps in an easy flow of communication between the different zones of the house.

Begin by making detailed sketches of your planned living room design. Choose a colour scheme that makes your room look hospitable and in tune with the surroundings. Use two to three matching or contrasting tones to spice up the area, but not more than that. You may also choose an all white décor, though in such a case, always be mindful of the texture of the elements you want to have here.

Decide on a layout for your living room. Think of the number of guests you are likely to entertain here on a regular basis. Modern interior design often follows a range of layouts customised to the needs of the inhabitants of a house. You may opt for two large couches placed parallel to each other. L-shaped layouts with a few cosy chairs and ottomans would work fine in a spacious room too.

More moderately shaped spaces can be decorated with a two or three seater contemporary couch and a couple of chairs. Reserve the opposite wall for stylish tv cabinets, bookcases or display cabinets. Floating shelves can resolve some of your storage concerns without taking up any floor space. A coffee table is a must have item of décor. Couches, chairs and table with added storage space would be a great addition to the small homes.

However, be sure you avoid bulky pieces with flamboyant styles. They are not at all suited for modern decor which has a natural appreciation for straight lines and clean forms. To have the latest information and hot tips about living room decor do not forget to keep a close watch on the magazine section where we share modern home inspiration at regularly.

Buy such modern furniture that looks chic for the interiors and are highly comfortable too. Even after a lapse of several decades, pieces designed by such famous names as Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, Hans Wagner, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton can still give your home a most luxurious feel. But falling for cheap replicas would be counter-productive. It would enormously helpful if you manage to locate stylish articles of furniture designed by contemporary designers instead and decorate your living room with those.

Small room ideas – bedroom

Planning to redesign your old bedroom? Then, modern interior design would be particularly suited for the interior of your homes. Small room ideas for modern homes can be almost boundless and you can easily tap its resources by deciding to decorate your bedroom in a contemporary style. Designs like Murphy bed, sofa bed or storage bed is tailor made for small houses, tiny urban dwellings and studio apartments.

Try to resolve the constant issues of a cluttered bedroom, by arranging for extensive storage. Though not exactly a modern invention, built in cabinets are growing increasingly popular because of their functional design. They are a great substitute for freestanding wardrobes and can help you to effectively manage the clutter of the interiors. You cannot imagine a stylish bedroom without elegant nightstands. Though small in nature they are indispensible bedside items.

When it is important to keep the floor space free of any congestion, you can easily mount the nightstand on the wall or choose a bed with side tables attached to the frame. To maintain the tranquil nature of the interior, an understated colour scheme is suitable for modern bedrooms. Our modern home ideas will provide you with lots of inspiration about the colour schemes for every corner of your residence, including the bedroom.

Modern interior design for kitchen

Kitchens have experienced a complete transformation since the early days of modernist movement. Now you have built in kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, a range of modern appliances and plethora of decorative objects to spruce up your kitchen in style. Modern interior design made this space highly functional as well as trendy.

You can vary the layout according to the availability of the space. Apart from traditional U and L-shaped layouts, you can go for galley or Pullman kitchens. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a kitchen island with storage, seating arrangements and built in wine fridge. Mobile islands may be particularly suited for your small kitchen. Omitting it altogether and relieving the kitchen from some of its congestion cannot be ruled out either.

Modern interior design ideas

Modern interior design ideas are not at all one-dimensional. Local influences and newer design principles have affected it greatly and continue to do so even today. So now you are left with a variety of modern room design ideas helpful to give your home a most exciting makeover.

Scandinavian design

Modern interior design has been greatly influenced by the inventions of Scandinavian architects and designers. Scandinavian homes have an intrinsic affection for minimalist décor, subdued colour palette and use of natural wood in the interiors. The buildings are often designed to enjoy maximum amount of natural light. Cool grey, warm white and occasional presence of vibrant tones like red or yellow define the interiors of the contemporary Scandinavian homes.

Use of wall to wall carpet is not so common. Woollen area rugs or organic mats are preferred over carpet flooring. Some of the most legendary figures of mid-century modern design and its later offshoots like Finn Juhl, Alvar Aalto and Nanna Ditzel have revolutionised the interior of Scandinavian homes. So it is quite possible that you would find Scandinavian design to your taste and particularly suited for your contemporary dwelling as well.

Industrial design

Industrial design has left a mark on the interior of our homes as well. If you are a connoisseur of industrially styled interiors, you would find the architectural peculiarities of your home to be a blessing in disguise. Industrial design revels in showing off the bare brick walls, ominous beams, metallic pillars, ironworks and exposed pipes of any house.

That is not all. There is a particular disregard for any kind of embellishment. Minimalist decor is followed in the interior. Colour scheme can be either dark or white to pale grey but never bedazzling.

Metallic furniture is considered highly appreciable for industrially decorated homes. Reclaimed wood may make its presence felt too. There are other choices for you too and staying updated about the changing facets of modern home design would help you to make the right selections.