Scandinavian Style Home Design Ideas and Pictures

How can I design a Scandinavian kitchen in my home?

Planning to renovate the interior of your kitchen or build a new one altogether? Why not go for a Scandinavian kitchen? Scandinavian design can help you decorate a trendsetting kitchen without sacrificing comfort and efficiency of the space in any way. Thanks to famous designers like Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, Verner Panton and Alvar Aalto, the popularity of Scandinavian design is on the rise since the middle of the last century. Designing a Scandinavian kitchen is not a very complicated affair. In fact, the hallmark of this style is its simplicity of design.

However, there are certain key areas for you to focus on while designing a Scandinavian style kitchen. Try to use as much natural and eco-friendly materials as possible in the interior and exterior of your home. Materials like wood, metal and organic textiles help you design a sustainable, hygienic and elegant kitchen. These materials are a key to Scandinavian design. Choose furniture and decorative features that boast of a simple and clear form. Avoid furniture with curvy lines and florid motifs.

A Scandinavian kitchen must be well decorated but functional. Try to keep the interiors organised and uncluttered. Install built in kitchen cabinets to optimise the storage area. Choose a colour scheme that makes your interior look bright. Give preference to solid colours like white, grey, lavender and pale blue. Experiment with the texture of walls, flooring, cabinets and other furniture and décor items. Varying the texture often helps you design a very unconventional yet chic space.

Kitchen as a space does not need too much accessorising. The interior of a Scandinavian kitchen is better left relatively unadorned and uncluttered. Instead, choose pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures that act like priceless items of decorative art. Some of the most worthy examples of this are Arne Jacobsen’s dining set and tableware, Eero Saarinen’s dining table and chairs and Alvar Aalto’s studio kitchen cabinets. Consider taking inspirations from the massive number of Scandinavian kitchen images on homify. You may also seek opinion of an expert kitchen planner before you start working on your dream kitchen.

What is the difference between a Scandinavian kitchen and a modern kitchen?

In the contemporary homes of Canada and elsewhere in the world, interiors are designed based on multiple sources of inspirations. So it is not uncommon to see a modern home with a Scandinavian kitchen and vice versa. This leads to confusion between the two different types of interior design. Modern design came into being slightly earlier than the Scandinavian design. But, modern design was greatly influenced about the development in architecture and design in the Nordic countries.

However, the interior of a Scandinavian kitchen has very distinct characteristics. It is defined by a minimalist style, simple colour palette, use of natural materials like wood and uncomplicated nature of design. Modern design also prefers minimalism, but it is not too strict about it. You may decorate the interior of a modern home with a range of colours and motifs. The Scandinavian interior is almost always decorated with white, grey or shades of blue.

The furniture and decorative items in a Scandinavian kitchen have simple and clear lines. Interior designers may like to opt for furniture with a geometric form in the modern kitchens too, but use of curvy lines is not completely shunned.  However, there is an exception to this. The mid-century modern furniture even with its curvy lines always seems to be at home in a Scandinavian kitchen.

What are the best materials for a Scandinavian kitchen in Canada?

The most preferred material for a Scandinavian kitchen is natural wood. You may choose from wood types like birch, beech, cedar, ash, oak and mahogany and give the flooring and furniture a very graceful makeover. For your log home, use any of these wood types to clad the walls and ceiling. If you are hesitant about using natural wood in kitchen, then you may go for porcelain tiles. Contemporary Scandinavian homes make extensive use of tiles for their easy to clean and water resistant nature. Besides, porcelain tiles are far cheaper than timber. You may buy wood effect tiles for your flooring. Don’t forget to cover the walls and the backsplash with wall tiles and save them from moisture related problems.

Install glass panelled casement windows or sliding windows in your kitchen. Let the space receive maximum amount of sunshine in the daytime. For the kitchen countertop, you may opt for materials like wood, stone, laminate or glass. While wood and stone boast of durability and an intrinsic charm, laminate is very affordable. Glass countertops are a new craze. Their water repellent nature makes them a good choice as well.

You may buy a kitchen sink made of aluminium, marble or granite. They are easy to clean and capable of enhancing the charm of the interior. Select hardware that is in tune with Scandinavian décor. In other words, it must have a polished yet unfussy look. Choose shiny copper or silver tone hardware for your kitchen cabinets. Match the faucet style with the design of the cabinet hardware. Designing a stylish Scandinavian kitchen would cost you a minimum of $150 CAD per square foot. Invest in quality materials. This way you will avoid the hassles of repeated renovations.