Wine cellar

Wine cellar ideas and inspiration

The idea of flaunting a personalized wine cellar in the house surely attracts the whims and fancies of many wine lovers. Storing wine is a passionate activity and every wine lover would love to have a silent corner in the house for keeping wine bottles. Unlike yesteryears, now you don't have to reside in a country home to flaunt a gorgeous looking wine cabinet. In modern times, the availability of various storage options like walk-in- wine rooms, tailored climate controlled wine room and silo-shaped cellars offers the homeowners a plethora of alternatives to store their favorite wine bottles. Modern wine storage options can be easily integrated into normal homes. From contemporary hideaway to a vintage room, there are various wine space design options available for you. In order to create the perfect area for your wine bottles, you should preferably do a bit of research. It's always important to read magazines and browse the Internet for design inspiration. You can create the space by incorporating various ideas together to build a unique wine closet. Homify showcases some of the best wine cellar designs for your inspiration. You can easily browse through the site to make the dream of flaunting a wine room real.

What are the main elements of a perfect wine cellar?

The wine room is the perfect place to relax with your friends and relatives. Creating an inviting room by incorporating stunning wine room design can easily boost your morale. From installing wine cellar racks in your living room to creating an inviting space in the basement, you can easily create an inviting spot for comfort and luxury. Take help of an expert while incorporating a basement design. Most people prefer to have a silent space corner in the house where they can sit and relax after a hectic day. Your wine room is the hub where you can have a light discussion with your friends while sipping your favorite wine. A perfect wine cabinet is created when you can assemble wines from different parts of the world. It's a matter of pride for many wine lovers to flaunt a wine room that exudes sophistication. Having varieties of wines in the rack also speaks a lot about the personality of the collector. It's advisable to know the dimensions of the room, its temperature and availability of space for having the perfect storage space for your wines. Research plays a major role in creating an appropriate area for your wines. Knowing the temperature of the room can easily give you a brief idea about the ability to store expensive bottles. It's advisable to store bottles in a room that never gets direct sunlight because most wine age faster in warm conditions. Hiring a professional is important because an expert knows the technicalities of wine storage. An expert can easily keep you away from all the hassles of procurement and installation. You can use racks and cabinets for storing wine bottles however always plan your budget accordingly.

Which is the best place to find wine cellar ideas?

There are numerous wine cabinet ideas available online however it's advisable to connect with right people and do a bit of research for installing a perfect wine cabinet. Homify is one of the best places that can offer you awe-inspiring design ideas. From modern to traditional, there are hundreds of wine room ideas available at Homify. Installing a wine closet is not a difficult task. You can very easily style your private room with the help of a professional. Having a great passion for wine is what you need to have an inviting wine room. From wine cases to spiral cellars, there are numerous ideas that can be incorporated with the help of a professional.

How to build a wine cellar?

If you are planning to create an exclusive space for wines in your already built apartment or house, you need to consult an interior designer because installing a wine cabinet in an already built house can be a tricky affair. If you are making your house from scratch, you have the liberty to create wine storage space according to your wish as you have space and architects already working on it. Understanding your wines and the space beforehand is extremely important to prevent making expensive mistakes. Options like a wine fridge or a wine cooler can be incorporated to store your selected wines. The storage space decides the longevity of your wines hence giving extreme importance to the equipment used is highly recommended.

You can select the favorite corner of your house for keeping your favorite wine bottles. You should preferably make no mistake in procuring the right equipment. Always take help of experts for creating something which is so close to your heart.

What are the right flooring options for a wine cellar?

There are numerous flooring options available however; it's always advisable to incorporate wooden floors to create an inviting look. Wooden floors can withstand regular wear and tear however you should clean them regularly to remove the moisture. Other flooring options include marble, slate, bamboos, pebbles and stones etc. Usage of bamboos can easily give this space a rustic appeal. Bamboo flooring is also considered durable and stylish and incorporated in most modern homes.

Everything depends on your taste and imagination. You can do anything with the floors, however, you should always take help of professionals to avoid mistakes.

Which is the best place to find wine cellar storage ideas?

Storing wine requires appropriate temperature. In order to preserve your wines for future, you should take up ideas like installing wall mount racks or cabinets. Storing wine is not only about safety but also about looking good. The wine room in your house should exude brilliance in case you are an avid wine lover. There are ideas available online to create the best storage however it's advisable to take help of professionals to make an aesthetically pleasing space. You can also browse through Homify's exclusive design ideas to make your dream a reality. It's always advisable to do a bit of research to create a design brief for the expert. A good plan is always helpful for the interior decorators to understand your taste. From basement to the living room, you can have your favorite space anywhere.

How to decorate the wine room like a pro?

Decorating your wine room is easier when you know your space well. It's advisable to decide how many wine racks you want to install according to your collection. A great looking tasting area complements your wine cabinet hence you can preferably place chairs, table and tools to allow visitors to relax and enjoy your compilation. You can also choose the color and texture of wine racks carefully. From floors to lighting everything should be chosen carefully. Illumination of your wine rack is extremely important to highlight the collection. You can also install a sound system where you can play your favorite music. You also pick a minimalistic design to display your taste with utter grace. Less is more is the new trend and most homeowners are using this style to showcase a clutter free space. Keeping only the important things in this space with minimum clutter is what simplicity is all about. You can reduce the collection to few bottles that are extremely rare. Flaunting a rare collection of wine can easily reflect your taste. Keep the room clean with fewer chairs and stools. Make it a very private space for two or three.

How do I accessorize my wine cabinet?

Wine bottles are the greatest accessories of a wine cellar. Proper lighting to accentuate the bottles is extremely important for giving a visually stunning appearance to this space. You can keep the empty bottles of wine if you are unable to restock them. A wine cabinet is all about luxury hence collecting rare wines can easily add value to your compilation.

More wine storage styles:

How to: Classic wine cellar style

In order to flaunt a classic wine room style, it's advisable to blend modern and traditional elements. A perfect blend of contemporary and traditional design exudes luxury and style. Painting the walls with subtle colors like white is advisable while incorporating wooden floors is highly recommended. You can use wooden racks, which can be appropriate for any size of the room.

How to: Eclectic wine cellar style

Creating eclectic wine room style is all about combining various ideas together to build a fun place. Some of the exciting elements of this type of wine closet include integrating LED lighting to showcase fine prints of your collection. This style is all about personalization. Additions of innovative design elements are the hallmark of eclectic wine room. This style exudes youth, creativity and vibrancy at its best.

How to: Scandinavian wine cellar style

Scandinavian wine cellar style

If you want to flaunt an ultra modern wine room, Scandinavian wine room style is what is appropriate for you. This approach incorporates technology and modern aesthetics to make your wine cabinet look chic and trendy. Using subtle colors and tiled floors is the hallmark of this type of wine room. Decorate your area with shining bottles and trendy cabinets with style.

How to: Industrial wine cellar style

Industrial wine room style exudes a darker feel to your space because most the elements have a craggy appearance. It's a difficult style to integrate however you can easily take up this style if you are building your house from scratch. A dark setting with concrete floors often reminds us of historical times and this style is all about reflecting those times.