A Family Home That's Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Leigh Leigh
Une Villa Qui a des Inspirations Italienne: Toscane, dmesure dmesure Kitchen
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Today at homify, we have a real treat in store for you as we explore this gorgeous Parisian home that shows us how traditional architecture can marry modern design in the most perfect union.

Designed by architect professionals DMESURE, this gorgeous, stone home not only looks incredibly grand and striking in size and structure, but it's also positioned on the most stunning property complete with a swimming pool.

This is a home that will make you want to pack your bags and head to Europe tonight. This stunning architecture and incredible scenery is so entrancing that you may find yourself on the front doorstep in just a few hours…

Let's take a look!

Simply incredible

This home is large in size, with two separate wings. It looks like a country mansion on the horizon!

The designers have gone for a traditional stone facade, which brings a very rustic and warm look and feel to the large piece of architecture while at the same time contrasting beautifully with the lush green surrounds. 

We can also see that there is a wonderful communication between the interior and exterior spaces, with plenty of outdoor living areas where the family can relax and enjoy the peaceful landscape and scenery. In this image, we can see an outdoor dining area and living space on a spacious, stone terrace that is protected by a protruding roof. Don't you feel relaxed just looking at this area?

Extra luxuries

This property is so wide and expansive, it also features an Olympic sized swimming pool!
Not only does this enhance the value of the home as well as the aesthetic appeal, but it creates a whole new area for activities. Swimming, exercising by doing laps or just relaxing with a book while sun lounging can all be done here, without interrupting any of the activities taking place in the home. A swimming pool is a fabulous addition to any home, especially if you have the space on your property. They take quite a lot of maintenance work however, Have a look at these tips on what to know before building a swimming pool.

A mix between the old and new

If we head inside, we can see a gorgeous rustic theme emerging throughout the interior design.

The designers have gone for a wonderful earthy look and feel, introducing natural materials and raw elements into the home. We can see a wonderful balance between the old and the new with a traditional stone wall, which contrasts beautifully with the smooth cream plastered wall.

The wooden furniture is lovely and rustic, while the gardening fork and the wooden Trojan horse reinforce the theme, while bringing a very unique design to the space. 

An open plan dining room and kitchen

The kitchen and dining room are open plan, flowing into one another in a gorgeous and expansive design. The stone wall sets the tone for a homely, country-style kitchen and eating area, which is further enhanced by the wooden furniture. 

You'll also notice that there are copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, which not only creates a very soulful cooking space but also means that the vertical space is being utilized as storage space. Storage space is very important in the kitchen, ensuring that it is clear and organized. 

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Don't you love how there is plenty of space for family and friends to come together over delicious meals?

The modern bedroom

The bedrooms in this home take on a slightly more modern and contemporary design with trendy furniture and stylish decor items bringing personality and charm to the room.

A bedroom is a personal space where you come to relax, rejuvenate and gather your thoughts. It should be packed with items that are meaningful to you, which is exactly what the designers have achieved here while still managing to create a tidy and attractive space.

The wooden ceiling beams ensure that the rustic theme remains prominent, however, while the high ceilings improve ventilation and provide a sense of space.

The litte one's bedroom

The kid's bedroom is a wonderful example of how smart furniture can be utilized in a home to make the absolute most of floor space.

In this image, we can see how a bunk bed structure fits neatly against the edge of the room, while providing plenty of drawers and shelves for storing books, toys and other items. 

This leaves plenty of floor space for playing with toys and forming fabulous childhood memories!

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